Papers and Presentations

Will Debt Undue the U.S. Economy? (Oshkosh Rotary Club Talk - September 2016)

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare): An Efficient and Equitable Path to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Health? - Lawrence Alumni Talk - June 2016)

Manufacturing Employment and Monetary Policy (Lisbon - IAES Slides - March 2016

China Ranks #1 or Does It? Should We Care? (Povolny Talk - February 2015)

Employment and Monetary Policy: The Role of Price Distortions (Slides)

Wine: A Poster Child for Globalization

Macroeconomics, Health Care Markets and Decision-Making

Water: Priceless Resource?

The Great Depression vs. The Great Recession

How Americans Pay for Health Care

Response to Himmelstein and Woolhandler on The Regressivity of Taxing Employer-Paid Health Insurance

In Hock - the US Economy - December 2008

Making Sense of Health Care Markets - 2006 - Presentation to the Greater Milwaukee Employee Benefits Council

Study of Physician Fees - Greater Milwaukee Business Foundation on Health

Testimony to Wisconsin Legislature 2002

Whack a Mole Presentation

Healthcare Cost Differences in the 1990s: The Influence of Metropolitan Area Marketplace Dynamics

Health Care Reform: The Tradeoffs Before Us

The Business of Health Care: A Persistent Search for Value