This is Maya!  Maya won the 12" elite division at the North American Dog Agility championships in Castle Rock, CO in October of 2004. When Iím not working at Lawrence, you will probably find me at an agility venue in the Midwest cheering on Maya and my husband Leo.  Maya is a five year old mixed breed rescued from the Bay Area Humane Society.


And here is our new puppy Gryffindor Duncan.  Duncan is a Berger de Pyrenees (Pyr Shep for short) who we adopted from a breeder in Canada.  Pyr Sheps are a French herding dog and rare in North America.  Duncan is now 20 months old and has started his agility career. He recently completed his novice triple superior title only after six trials. He's taking after his older sister!  He's a bundle of fun and has lots of energy!




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