Welcome to my homepage!

My official Lawrence page has my short bio. Here is my curriculum vitae.

I am Assistant Professor of Economics at Lawrence University. My interests are in the areas of game theory, microeconomic theory, social choice theory, and other related fields. I am also interested in computational theory and linguistics. I regularly teach microeconomic theory, game theory, and I enjoy participating in Lawrence's signature Freshman Studies program. I explore my interests in economic systems with students in the comparative economic systems class I teach about every two years. The more abstract, theoretical aspects of collective choice are the subject of my social choice theory class.

In the past three years, I have developed a strong interest in innovation, entrepreneurship, and the economic analysis of these subjects. Since 2008, I have been co-teaching In Pursuit of Innovation with physicist John Brandenberger, and last year I led a collaboration with several colleagues from the arts, music and government in teaching the course Entrepreneurship in the Arts and Society. We have been awarded grant funding from the NCIIA to take the Innovation course to the next level in 2011, and the Entrepreneurship course was made possible by a grant from the Coleman Foundation through their Coleman Fellows Program. I am working with several colleagues on developing an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program at Lawrence University. In the Economics Department, we are definitely taking Innovation very seriously.

I am Faculty Advisor of the Lawrence Scholars in Business (LSB) program, and I am proud to have been part of establishing that program. LSB brings to campus a number of very accomplished alumni every year, giving students (and faculty!) an opportunity to learn firsthand about interesting and rewarding careers in the business world. The program also sponsors a field trip to Chicago each year, including visits to a number of prestigious firms, and awards two Scholarships each year to outstanding students who aspire to excel in a business career.