Psychology Student Association

Lawrence University

The Psychology Student Association (PSA) is the first student academic organization to be formed at Lawrence. While remaining dedicated to the academic enrichment of all students interested in psychology, members also find ways to have fun together.

PSA is open to all interested students. Those students who meet certain academic requirements may consider Psi Chi, a psychology honors society, as a complement to PSA.

Just a few of the annual events sponsored by PSA are faculty/student mixers, group dinners at local restaurants, GRE practice exams, graduate school workshops, and psychology career information sessions with local professionals.

PSA ran on a committee basis, breaking up the tasks of planning into smaller, more productive groups. These committees included social & fundraising, graduate schools, tutoring & lab development, web-page development, and speakers & Alumni.

While this format was successfull throughout its duration, this year (due to decreased membership) we have decided to work as a full group and focus on each event as it approaches.


(Note: this section is updated regularily. Check often for current developments)

April 10, 1997. 4:45 p.m. @ 109 Main Hall.
Mark Johnson, an MSW with United Behavioral Health Services in Menasha, will speak about his experiences as a psychotherapist. He will discuss the training necessary and the day to day occurances in his feild. Mr. Johnson will answer any questions that you have. Refreshments will be served.

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