Student’s War Against Hunger and Poverty (SWAHP)

Meeting Time for 2007-2008: 8:15pm Thursdays in Riverview Lounge

Come join us! If you cannot make the meetings, but would still like to help out, contact Casey Sautter (sautterc@lawrence.edu) to be put on our mailing list.


2008 Commemorative Collage


What is SWAHP?
Students’ War Against Hunger and Poverty (SWAHP) is a student organization that was established at Lawrence University in the fall of 2005. SWAHP educates the Lawrence and Appleton community about hunger and poverty issues locally, nationally and globally. SWAHP members have organized service, advocacy, and fundraising opportunities to combat these problems.

Mission Statement:

SWAHP is affiliated with a national campaign called The National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness (NSCAHH). The mission statement of this national campaign is as follows:

The Campaign is committed to ending hunger and homelessness in America by educating, engaging, and training students to directly meet individuals’ immediate needs while advocating for long-term systemic solutions.

In addition to following the mission statement of the NSCAHH, SWAHP will educate and actively engage the Lawrence community about hunger and poverty issues, both locally and globally. Members will have the opportunity to be educated through movies, readings, and conferences, and can take part in a number of fundraisers and activities to raise funds that will benefit those people who suffer due to hunger and poverty. SWAHP will also work in collaboration with any other Lawrence Organization that is interested in supporting our events and will work closely with the Volunteer and Community Service Center.