WLFMRadio.com Errors!

If you're having trouble connecting to the WLFM stream because the WLFM website won't load (we're having trouble as of 5:40 am Saturday), click the following link to manually load the stream (using iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.). You might alternatively have to right-click the link and 'save as' on your computer and then open it:


New Webiste!

WLFM has a brand new website. We now broadcast over wlfmradio.com. We also have a new built-in streamer so there is no need for iTunes or Winamp anymore. Just press play.

A Note About Phone Answerers

As you all surely know, the contest has in the past suffered from a lack of willing phone answerers. As you also know, this can reallllly be a drag. This year we are hoping to help that problem out by requesting that teams agree to specific blocks of time during the contest (to be decided during the registration period), in addition to the normal, volunteer-based phone answering.

We trust that teams will not take this as an opening to be even more unsupportive of the contest, by ONLY sending in phone answerers for those decided amounts of time.

With much thanks,

TGM Derrell :)

There is no more WLFM.net

Lawrence is no longer--beyond in the traditional sense--affiliated with WLFM.net. This should not cause too many problems, as the contest can be easily heard via the WLFM website. I hope this slight change to the contest doesn't cause too many problems.

A Note about Registration

The Trivia Masters will not be in the station until 7 PM this year. If you absolutely must register your team between 6 and 7 PM, please check back the day of registration for the Grand Master phone line. This phone will only be used for registration during that one hour period.

Trivia Master auditions conclude

Please welcome the following new Trivia Masters to this year's contest: Maija ('12), Geneva ('12), Patrick ('13), Ethan ('13), and Addy ('14).

Trivia website updated

The website has been updated, and publicity from the past 3 years has been added (huge thanks to Jim from TriviaAsylum.com!!).

Trivia XLVI Announced

The Great Midwest Trivia Contest XLVI will be held from Friday, January 28th at 10:00:37 to Sunday, January 30th midnight. This year's Grand Master is Derrell Acon.

Good news for dial-up

That's right, we've been able to ensure that dial-up users can connect during Trivia weekend. During the contest we will lower the stream levels so that even slower connections should be able to access Trivia. Of course, higher speed connections will still be able hold a connection better, so we highly recommend your team use a broadband connection to connect to WLFM.