James S. Evans

Professor of Computer Science and Chemistry, Emeritus

Saepe stilum vertas, iterum quae digna legi sint scripturus, neque te ut miretur turba labores, contentus paucis lectoribus. – Horace, Satire I.10.72

Public schools in Bridgton, Maine
Bates College, B.S. (1962)
Princeton University, M.A. (1964), Ph.D. (1966)
Honorary societies
Phi Beta Kappa (1961), Sigma Xi (1966)
Professional societies
American Chemical Society; American Physical Society; New York Academy of Sciences; American Association for the Advancement of Science
Research interests
Studies of the structure and interactions of proteins and of natural or bio-engineered protein fragments using high resolution two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) techniques and computer modeling.
Book-writing projects
A series of in-depth books, each of which will discuss a different advanced 64-bit computer architecture, intended for a dual audience of students and professionals; see recent publications for those written thus far. Also, a supplementary text in progress for helping students in the biomedical and biological sciences with mathematical and logical reasoning.

Recent publications

Latest pre-retirement courses
CMSC 430: Hardware Organization     CHEM 104: Life Sciences by Numbers
CMSC 440: Computer Architecture     CHEM 247 / ENST 247: The Elements of Life
CMSC 450: Operating Systems     CHEM 115 and 116: Introductory Chemistry (certain laboratory sections)

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