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Important information about a dataset

The description for the American Citizen Participation Study, 1990 includes some important information.

  • Related literature
  • - an impressive list of publications produced using these data
  • Summary
  • - does the study clearly relate to your topic?
  • Extent of collection -
    look for plain data files, documentation (the printed material that describes the variables and survey instrument) and SPSS data definition statements or SPSS export file
    avoid a study that only has "OSIRIS" dictionary instead of SPSS
  • Data format
  • - is the file type LRECL - "logical record length," or "heirarchical"? Are SPSS data definition statements or other statistical formats available?
  • Bibliographic citation -
  • How you would cite this study if you used it in a report?
  • Keyword
  • - the words used to index this study may be useful to find similar studies

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