Music of J. Halvor Benson


Instrumental Music 

bulletAncient Winds (Five pieces for Wind Ensemble) 11:58
bulletAwaiting the Ghost Bird (Variations for Winds) 9:40
bulletBlue Preludes (Seven Preludes for Solo Piano) 8:55
bulletCanonic Dancers (Canons for Two Similar Instruments) 8:45
bullet Clown Man (Saxophone Quartet Movement) 2:08
bulletDreams of Edvard Munch (Variations for Strings) 6:53 
bulletEtudes and Diversions (Variations for a Solo String) 15:28
bullet Flat Dances (Quartet for Four Similar Instruments) 4:00
bullet Giant Frogs Eat New York (Saxophone Quartet Movement) 3:01
bulletJourney Inward  (Nine Character Pieces for Solo Piano) 12:13
bulletLight Escaping (Variations for Solo Piano) 11:32
bulletMostly Dancing Petroglyphs (Eight Pieces for Brass Quintet) 7:38
bulletQuarrels (Nine Pieces for Solo Wind Instrument) 10:09
bullet Reaching Outward (Double Canon for Four Instruments) 4:02
bullet Suite for Solo Instrument (Five Pieces for Solo Instrument) 6:47
bullet Symphonic Episodes (Ten pieces for Orchestra) 16:42
bulletTemporal Shadows (Canons for Two Similar Instruments) 7:52
bullet Witches Brew (Five pieces for Brass Quintet) 6:18

Vocal Music

bullet Amazing Grace (Variations on an Old American Hymn Tune) 3:00
bullet Corners (Song Cycle) 12:17
bullet From Emily's Window (Selections from Songs with Texts by Emily Dickinson, Piano/Voice)14:14
bulletWalt Whitman Settings (Poems Related to the American Civil War) 11:20
bullet Wings (Song Cycle) 8:54
bulletWondrous Love (Variations on an Old American Hymn Tune) 13:20

Email me.  I will try and respond promptly. Click onto the links  for  recordings and program notes. Special thanks to Dana Rose-Schmalz , Lawrence University Computer Services, for her patience and expertise in helping me construct the site. Thanks, also, to the Lawrence Conservatory faculty,  students, and ensembles for the performances. It is much appreciated.  

 As you will hear, most of the compositions are based upon the principles of variation, mirror forms and modular design. Musical scales are used to generate harmonic and melodic material. I try and create a sense of spontaneity by not overworking the material while still maintaining a clear musical structure.  Scores using Finale are available for all but the piano pieces.  I hope you find the music expressive and engaging. - J. Halvor Benson

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