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MATH 160: Calculus III
Eugenie Hunsicker, Associate Professor of Mathematics

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Math 160, Calculus III
Spring 2005, MWF 1:30am
BH 423

Instructor: Prof. Eugenie Hunsicker
Office: Briggs Hall, room 408
office phone: 832-6987
web page:\fast\hunsicke

Office Hours:
My office hours will be posted on the board outside my office, and also on my web page. I will also generally be available for a few minutes after class. Email me if you are unable to come to any scheduled office hours and if I have time, we can schedule another appointment. If you want to ensure that you can see me, do not wait until the last moment with questions.

Textbook: The textbook for this course is Stewart, Calculus: Early Transcendentals,
4th Edition.

Other Resources: Materials particular to this class, including some exams from previous years will be put on the course web page, linked off my home page, at various points this quarter. I recommend that you make yourself acquainted with all of these resources early in the term. Information relevant to this course will also be posted on the course web page. If you are on the webpage, these resources are listed under, "study materials" to the left.

Homework: Homework will generally be assigned on Friday of each week to be done by the beginning of class on the following Friday. Homework will not be collected or graded, but I will spend about 15-20 minutes at the beginning of class on Wednesdays and Fridays answering questions, and partial solutions are available on the assignment webpage, next to the given assignment. I will try to stay on schedule with the assignments as listed on the page, but if we get off schedule, then just do the problems for the relevant sections we have covered that week. Although homework is not collected, it is very important to understanding the material, so DO IT!!!

Quizzes: There will be seven twenty-minute quizzes on Mondays, as indicated on the schedule. They will be on the problems covered in homework due the previous Friday, plus any definitions or theorems covered before the quiz. Missed quizzes may not be made up. If you will miss class for some pre-scheduled event, let me know so we can make arrangements. If you are too sick to come to class, you must phone me before class and get a note from the nurse confirming your illness.

Exams: There will be one midterm exam given at 7:00 in the evening on May 1. The exam should take under two hours to complete, but you may take as much as three hours if you wish. I will give you a room number for the midterm closer to the date. The final will be as scheduled during Finals Week.
There will be no makeup exams except in cases of emergency or unavoidable conflicts. Airplane tickets are not acceptable reasons for missing exams. If you have an unavoidable conflict with one of the exam dates, let me know as soon as possible to arrange a makeup exam. Except in cases of sudden emergency, I will not arrange a makeup exam unless I know at least a week in advance.

Tutoring: Some tutors are available for this course through the Center for Teaching and Learning in the basement of Briggs Hall. Our particular course tutors are and . They will be running periodic group review sessions as well as offering one-on-one tutoring. You can call them (x6767) or email ( to make an appointment. Their hours of operation are 9-5 Monday to Friday and 7-9 pm Sunday to Thursday.

Grading: Your grade will be based on a weighted average of scores on quizzes (35%, or 5% each), the midterm (30%), and the final (35%). The course will be graded on a standard 90-80-70 scale.


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