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19 September 1939

The Red Cross Year


The Milwaukee Downer Years, 1936 - 1940

Liz entered Milwaukee-Downer College in the fall of 1936, majoring in art and English. Active in crew and field hockey, she also worked on various campus publications. Shortly after her arrival in Milwaukee, she created "Beulah," the quintessential Downer co-ed. Beulah adorned many campus posters and never hesitated, through her actions, to comment on the absurdities of college life.

Liz kept a journal during her college years, writing about academics and social life, as well as national events and life in the city of Milwaukee. The journal excerpts included in this exhibit are from her senior year, 1939-40. Liz was enjoying the privilege of being a senior but beginning to disengage from college life. She wondered about her future employment prospects and worried about the fate of the United States and the World as the Second World War progressed in Europe. To read journal excerpts from her time at Milwaukee Downer College, follow the 19 September 1939 link on the left side of this page.


Aerial view of Milwaukee-Downer College.
Photo courtesy of Lawrence University Archives


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