Appendix A

Introduction to LaTeX

A.1Publishing a Simple Document
A.2Global Specification of Style: The Preamble
A.3In-Text Specification of Local Style
A.3.1 Type Style
A.3.2 Type Size
A.3.3 White Space
A.3.4 Environments
A.3.5 Miscellaneous Other Capabilities
A.4Including Equations
A.5Including Lists
A.6Including Tables
A.7Including Illustrations
A.7.1 Using Cut and Paste
A.7.2 Using the graphicx Package
A.7.3 Using psfig
A.7.4 Using the picture Environment
A.8Error Messages Generated by LaTeX
A.9The Page Previewer
A.10The Spell Checker
A.11A Sample Document
A.12Miscellaneous Other Features
A.13Current Mysteries

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