Computation and Problem Solving in

Undergraduate Physics

The primary aim of the project Strengthening Computation in Undergraduate Physics Programs (CPSUP) is to produce flexible text materials that can be easily tailored for use in programs using a variety of different hardware platforms and software packages. The table with which this page concludes shows a listing of the chapters in the first edition of the book, each structured as a link to a web page containing the full table of contents for the chapter. A much more detailed description of the history of this project and of the structure of CPSUP is contained in the 142 kB-PDF document Description of CPSUP.

The level of customization involved in this product poses severe problems for the publishing systems currently available from commercial publishers. While continuing intermittently to seek a commercial publisher, I have undertaken the task of receiving orders for customized assemblages of the materials, producing the required number of bound copies, and shipping them to the end user. Details of the procedure are described at the link

Procedures for Ordering and Cost Inquiry Form Those who---understandably---wish to examine a copy before adopting the book are directed to the link

Procedures for Requesting Examination Copy

Table of Contents

1 Preliminaries
2 Introduction to IDL
3 Introduction to MATLAB
4 Introduction to MACSYMA
5 Introduction to MAPLE
6 Introduction to MATHEMATICA
7 Introduction to Programming
8 Introduction to Numerical Recipes
9 Solving ODEs
10 Introduction to LSODE
11 Evaluating Integrals
12 Finding Roots
A Introduction to LaTeX
B Introduction to TGIF
Z Contacting Software Vendors

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