Computation and Problem Solving
Undergraduate Physics

By David M. Cook

Department of Physics
Lawrence University
Box 599
Appleton, WI 54911-5626

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Note: This form is intended for requesting a quotation for the printing of several copies of a selected version of Computation and Problem Solving in Undergraduate Physics. If you are seeking an examination copy, please refer to this alternate form.

Until such time as a suitable commercial publisher is identified, Computation and Problem Solving in Undergraduate Physics will be available from the author. The procedure for obtaining copies is as follows:

  1. The end user decides which components are to be included in the desired assemblage and the number of copies needed, then fills in and submits the cost inquiry form below. There is no minimum order, though the cost per copy goes up as the number of copies goes down. Because of the customization involved and because no two end users are likely to want exactly the same assemblage, end users must understand that unused copies cannot be returned for credit.

  2. With help from the printer, the author determines the cost for the desired number of copies of the desired components, and emails a detailed quotation to the end user. The quotation will indicate costs for printing and binding.

  3. Via U.S. mail or FAX (not email), the end user sends the author a formal purchase order that includes a copy of---or at least refers to---the quotation.

  4. The author generates a PostScript file containing the desired components and sends that file electronically to Sir Speedy in Green Bay, Wisconsin, which business prints and binds the copies and ships them to the end user at an address the end user will supply in the purchase order.

  5. Sir Speedy bills the author for the printing, binding, packing, and shipping charges, and the author---i.e., Lawrence University---pays Sir Speedy.

  6. Lawrence University bills the end user for the quoted amount plus packing plus shipping plus 5% Wisconsin state sales tax (if we are required by Wisconsin state law to collect that tax). [We know that when the purchaser takes possession out of the state of Wisconsin or when the purchase is for resale even within the state of Wisconsin, the purchaser is exempt from this state sales tax, though we don't know what documentation we would have to require to attest to the fact of purchase for resale.]

  7. The end user (or the end user's institution or agent) pays Lawrence following instructions that will be on the bill. Bills must be paid by check; Lawrence University is not set up to accept credit cards.
I regret that I am not able to ship copies to or receive payment from destinations not in the United States.

By way of example, if all selectable components are included (full version), CPSUP will run to about 975 printed sides (488 sheets of paper) and, since the binding process has a limit of about 275 sheets (550 pages), will be bound in two volumes, with the table of contents at the beginning of both volumes and the index at the end of both volumes. In contrast, if only the generic components and those associated with MATLAB, MAPLE, and LaTeX are included (MML version), then CPSUP runs to 362 printed sides (181) sheets of paper) and would be bound in a single volume. In the middle, a more representative volume containing IDL, MATHEMATICA, Programming, FORTRAN, C, Numerical Recipes, and LaTeX runs to 500 pages (250 sheets) and would be bound in a single volume. As of 11 July 2006, costs for various numbers of these three versions were

No. of copies Full Version Representative Version MML version
5 $59.00 per copy $30.25 per copy $26.00 per copy
10 $57.00 per copy $29.25 per copy $22.00 per copy
20 $52.50 per copy $25.50 per copy $21.50 per copy
50 $49.00 per copy $25.00 per copy $18.75 per copy

plus shipping (and Wisconsin sales tax, if we need to add it).

Cost Inquiry Form

Identification of End User:

State: ZIP:
Work Phone:
email Address:

Selection of Components:

Please toggle each Yes/No box to the proper value to indicate whether the component associated with each box is to be included (YES) or excluded (NO) from the desired assemblage. Please note the following:

The form, however, will not enforce any of these constraints.

Links to tables of contents for each of the chapters will be found on the page to which the link at the top of this page will take you. (Note that you will have to use the "back" button on your browser to return to this form.)

Number of Copies:

Please enter the number of copies you wish to order. (The cost per copy depends somewhat on the total number of copies to be assembled, being smaller as the number of copies increases.)


Space for other comments, requests, questions, ...: (Your entry need not be limited to the size of the box presented.)

Note that this form will be processed by a very crude forms-processing program which will send to you a printable response but will appear to the author to have come from the server doing the processing. Please make sure the contact information you have entered is complete and correct before submitting the form. The information you supply will provide the only way the author has of contacting you to ask any questions that might arise and to send you a quotation.

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