Computation and Problem Solving
Undergraduate Physics

By David M. Cook

Department of Physics
Lawrence University
Box 599
Appleton, WI 54912-0599

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Because of the customizability of Computation and Problem Solving in Undergraduate Physics (CPSUP), because of the consequent excessive cost of producing single copies of particular versions, and because, pending the identification of a commercial publisher, I, desiring above all to keep costs as low as possible for students and having limited financial resources, have decided on the following procedure for responding to the not unreasonable expectation that you---a potential adopter---would like to be able to examine a copy before adopting the book. Anticipating likely combinations of components, I have printed and bound a few copies of each of several different versions of CPSUP. On receipt of your request through the submission of the electronic form below (and as long as my supplies last), I will ship you a single copy of one version for a 60-day examination period, after which I will expect you to return the copy (at your expense) or to send me a check (made out to Lawrence University) for the amount indicated below. I regret that I am not able to ship copies to or receive payment from destinations not in the United States.

Although the copies assembled include commonly selected components, I hope you can understand that the copy I send will include components which could be omitted in copies assembled to your specifications and could also omit components that you might request be included in your final copies. For example, to minimize the number of different examination copies, all copies include all three of FORTRAN/NUMERICAL RECIPES, C/NUMERICAL RECIPES, and LaTeX; any one or all three of these components can be omitted. Further, though no examination copy is assembled this way, both MAPLE and Mathematica, both IDL and MATLAB can be included. The structure of the text supposes that at least one of Maple and Mathematica and at least one of IDL and MATLAB will be included in any assemblage.

In addition, no assembled examination copy contains the LSODE chapter---which has the FORTRAN components as prerequisite---and only one of them contains the TGIF appendix. However, a few copies of a supplement containing these two components have been printed. You can request a copy of that supplement on the form below. Should you ultimately desire one (both) of these components, it (they) would in the final assembly be incorporated in the appropriate place in a single running text.


To request a single copy of a particular version of CPSUP, please fill out the form below and submit it to me. If you wish to request a quotation for more than one copy of a particular version, please submit the "Cost Inquiry Form" accessible from a link at the top of this page.

(Note: I will (normally) ship via UPS ground, so the address you supply must be UPS-acceptable. In general I must have a street address, not a Post Office box number.)
State: ZIP:
Work Phone:
Email Address:

Please send me one examination copy of the version of CPSUP containing (Select from the drop-down menu the one item you would like.)

All of these copies contain the PROGRAMMING components, the FORTRAN/NUMERICAL RECIPES components, the C/NUMERICAL RECIPES components, and the LaTeX appendix. The IDL/MAPLE version, which is the version used at Lawrence, also contains the TGIF components. (Note: The prices here quoted are partially subsidized. The price for copies that would be assembled for a particular end user will depend on the included components and the number of copies printed and the shipping charges from Green Bay, WI, to the user's location.)

Please also send me (Toggle the drop down menu to `Yes' for each supplement you would like.)

I will include in each shipment instructions for accessing the password-protected project ftp site for download of solutions to representative exercises and of assorted short files developed in the text.

Other comments/questions/suggestions/: (Your response need not be limited to the size of the box presented.)

Note that this form will be processed by a very crude forms-processing program which will send to you a printable response but will appear to me to have come from the server doing the processing. Please make sure the contact information you have entered is complete and correct before submitting the form. The information you supply will provide the only way I will have of contacting you to ask any questions that might arise in responding to your request.