Chapter 6

Introduction to MATHEMATICA

6.1Beginning a Mathematica Session
6.2On-Line Help
6.3Basic Entities in Mathematica
6.4Variable Names in Mathematica
6.5Expressions in Mathematica
6.6Assigning Values to Variables; Defining Functions
6.7Creating and Examining Lists
6.8Using Mathematica ...
6.8.1 ... for Arithmetic
6.8.2 ... for Algebra
6.8.3 ... for Complex Variables
6.8.4 ... for Trigonometry
6.8.5 ... for Algebraic Equations
6.8.6 ... for Manipulating Vecftors and Matrices
6.8.7 ... for Basic Calculus
6.8.8 ... for Laplace Transforms
6.8.9 ... for Ordinary Differential Equations
6.10Command Files
6.11High-Resolution Graphing
6.12Making Hard Copy ...
6.12.1 ... of Text and Character Graphics in the TBI
6.12.2 ... of Smooth Graphs from the TBI
6.12.3 ... of Text and Graphics in the NBI
6.13Output in LaTeX Format
6.15Using the Notebook
6.17Miscellaneous Occasionally Useful Tidbits

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