Urban Economics

2012 Syllabus

Great Lakes Monitor

Oral Presentation Number 1

Glaeser, City Growth and the 2000 Census

Porter, Clusters and the New Economics of Competition

O'Sullivan, Where Do Firms Locate?

Florida, America's Looming Creativity Crisis

Porter, Clusters of Innovation: Regional Foundations of U.S. Competitiveness

Institute of Strategy and Competitiveness

Porter, Clusters, Innovation and Competitiveness - Europe

Urban Competitiveness Model

The World Goes to Town: Economist Special Report - May 2007

Job Creation and Job Destruction

Entrepreneurship and the City

Spatial Distribution of Population in 48 World Cities

Chapter 1 - Urbanization and Growth

School Choice  and the Federal Role in Education

Glaeser on High Speed Rail - Economix Series 2009

Downs, Some Realities About Sprawl and Urban Decline

Glaeser and Kahn, Sprawl and Urban Growth

Gordon and Richardson, Prove It: The Costs and Benefits of Sprawl

Katz, Divided We Sprawl

EPA, Smart Growth Home Page

Midterm Exam 2008

Answers to Midterm 2008

Final Exam 2008