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1930s Sweetheart serenade

When a young man gives a young woman his fraternity pin -- a symbol that they would later become engaged -- his fraternity brothers go to the woman's dormitory to serenade her. They open with a rousing march and end with a traditional sweetheart song -- each fraternity has its own version. After the fraternity leader formally announces the pinning, the young woman receives a bouquet of flowers. Her housemates lean out of windows to listen and watch. The tradition continues until the 1960s.

1933 Winter fun

Students painstakingly stack blocks of ice to build a chapel. Ice sculptures become part of Winter Carnival, a tradition that is revived off and on until the present day. Activities such as broomball are always popular, but often the Winter Carnival weekend is foiled by a January thaw. Throughout the years, students have gone on ski trips, engaged in a tug-of-war, and retreated indoors to play chess and other board games. One of the highlights of the weekend has always been the return to the fire ablaze in the Memorial Union hearth.

Ice chapel, 1933
Warming by the hearth, 1940's

1936 Peace parade

Lawrence students form a chapter of an organization called "Veterans of Future Wars" and stage a peace parade protesting the threat of war and rearmament. When they attempt to leave the campus, four students are clubbed by Appleton police, attracting attention in the national media.

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