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Ryckman's Logic Works
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Philosophy Blogs

This is a list of links to audio/video files in philosophy. If you know of others please send me an email indicating their URL. (With permission, I will post both the contributor's name and suggested brief annotation for each link.) Also, please let me know if any of the links below have gone dead.


  1. (Philosophy included) (Courtesy of Arno Wouters)

  2. (On the meaning of life--there are some philosophers on the list of speakers.)(Courtesy of Arno Wouters)

  3. (Rorty on Dewey--scroll down the page)

  4. (Free (?) audio books--a mixed collection containing some philosophy)

  5. (Philosophy of Information)

  6. Philosophy Podcasts (currently in German but soon in English)

  7. (Philosophy of Mind)


  9. Philosopher's Zone (Thanks due to Arno Wauters for the better of two links.)

  10. (Maimonides)

  11. (Medieval Philosophy)

  12. (Kant)

  13. (Hegel)

  14. (Much in German; some in English)

  15. (Sub page of the above, much of this is in English.)

  16. (Ethics)

  17. (Some philosophy within an assortment of other lectures.)

  18. (Wide range of topics)

  19. (March 29, 2006 lecture is on bioethics.)

  20. (Philosophy of Religion/Philosophical Theology)

  21. (Ethics and Philosophical Theology)

  22. (Philosophy of Mind/Ethics)

  23. (Ethics)

  24. (Wide range of topics)

  25. http://www.hydra.umnedu/derrida/radio.html (Critical Theory--I guess)

  26. (Various topics--some philosophy)

  27. (Wide range of topics)

  28. (Levinas)

  29. (From Professor Alexander Bird: The BBC's In out Time site has an archive of lots of philosophy as well as general history of ideas stuff, plus a podcast facility)

  30. (an Introduction to Philosophy course)

This page is, and will likely continue to be, a work in progress. Links below have been sent to me by others, but I have just copied and pasted them into the page. I have neither verified that they have philosophical content nor have determined into what areas of philosophy they fall. I will move them up when that work is done.

  • From Julien Dutant: (Copy and paste the links for now)

1) Institut Jean Nicod seminar 2002-2005: (streaming videos) Invited conferences by contemporary analytic philosophers, followed by a discussion. Mostly in english. The videos are hosted by the "Maison des Sciences de l'Homme" in Paris, which hosts many other videos, but mainly social sciences material in French. The website is quite bad, and the conferences are hard to find, but here are the specific links:
2004-2005 Tim Williamson, Mike Martin, Tim Crane, Barry Smith, Gregory Currie, Tim Bayne, Caroline West, Stacie Friend
2003-2004 David Papineau, Huw Price, ...
2002-2002 Paul Horwich, Keith Lehrer, ...
2004 Zenon Pylyshyn's conferences for the Jean Nicod prize
Unfortunately, the taping of the IJN seminar sessions has now been discontinued.

2) Philosophy Conferences at the Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris (videos and mp3s) Many philosophy conferences, mostly in French. Some conferences in English (e.g. "Les défis d'Hilary Putnam", a conference about and with H. Putnam, or "States of Self-Knowledge" by Barry Smith.) Researchers interested in French philosophy will be happy to find conferences by contemporary philosophers (Jean Baudrillard, Alain Badiou, Jean-Luc Marion), as well as conferences on Deleuze, Derrida, Sartre, Raymond Aron, Vladimir Jankélévitch, Marcel Proust... by leading french researchers. Analytic philosophy in French is also well represented.