Symbolic Logic (150)

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Introduction to Philosophy
Symbolic Logic
Berkeley, Hume, Kant, & Mill
Early Analytic Philosophy
Philosophy of Science
Philosophy of Art
Philosophy of Language
Philosophy of Mind
Topics in Logic
Puzzles and Paradoxes

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PHIL150: Symbolic Logic (Q-course)                                      

Text:Coming soon to a logic class near you!

Language, Proof and Logic  by Barwise and Echemenedy. (This is an excellent,  new book-software ensemble. It includes state of the art programs to assist teachers and students of logic. Click the picture to visit its website.)


You will pass only if you take both exams (mid-term and final) and only if you earn at least 60 of the possible 100 points.


Of the 100 points possible, 40 are from the mid-term exam, 40 are from the final exam, and 20 are from four of the five pop-quizzes.


We will cover all of the non-optional sections of Parts I and II of Language, Proof and Logic. We will consider both the syntax and the semantics of First Order Logic (FOL). In considering the syntax, we will examine both the language of FOL and a derivation system for FOL. In considering the semantics, we will attend to the basic semantic concept of truth on a model, or relative to a structure. We will also examine relationships between certain syntactic concepts, such as derivability, and certain semantic concepts, such as logical truth. In addition, we shall consider such topics as the nature of scientific inference, Russell's Paradox, and extensions of FOL

Please note: Logic is not a spectator sport. There are plenty of exercises in the textbook, and it is highly unlikely that you will do well if you do not complete the bulk of them successfully.