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Introduction to Philosophy
Symbolic Logic
Berkeley, Hume, Kant, & Mill
Early Analytic Philosophy
Philosophy of Science
Philosophy of Art
Philosophy of Language
Philosophy of Mind
Topics in Logic
Puzzles and Paradoxes

Other Links

Ryckman's Logic Works
Philosophy of Language Links
A Berkelean Conversation
Postmodernist Kuhnian Page

Philosophy Blogs


Links to pages about students who graduated from Lawrence with a major in Philosophy.

The information is provided by the alums. In addition, they realize that current students and prospective students might seek information from them.

LU Philosophy alums in Philosophy

Several Lawrence Students have gone off to study Philosophy in graduate school and have careers in Philosophy. This page will give you information about them.

LU Philosophy alums not in Philosophy

Several Lawrence philosophy majors have pursued careers not directly related to philosophy. This page will give you information about them.