Topics in Logic (420)
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PHIL420: Topics in Logic (Q-course)


Language, Proof and Logic, by Barwise and Etchemendy.
Introduction to Montague Semantics. Dowty, Wall, and Edwards.
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We consider meta-theory for both the propositional and the predicate logic, model theoretic semantics for first-order predicate logic and the syntax and formal possible worlds, model-theoretic semantics for higher-order, modal, tensed, and intensional logics.

This course emphasizes the foundations, and (considerable) extensions and refinements of concepts and techniques typically introduced in introductory symbolic logic courses. The emphasis is on the formal semantics for such languages and the relationships between their syntax and their semantics. In addition, this course examines certain related issues in the Philosophy of Logic.

Topics Include:

  • Introduction; sets and functions
  • Typed languages
  • Predicates, arguments, and their denotations   
  • The lambda operator
  • Model theory and interpretations
  • Quantifiers
  • Propositional operators
  • Tensed logic
  • (Alethic) Modal Logic
  • Intensional semantics