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Office Hours

MF 9-10:30
T 11-12
and by appointment


Introduction to Philosophy
Symbolic Logic
Berkeley, Hume, Kant, & Mill
Early Analytic Philosophy
Philosophy of Science
Philosophy of Art
Philosophy of Language
Philosophy of Mind
Topics in Logic
Puzzles and Paradoxes

Other Links

Ryckman's Logic Works
Philosophy of Language Links
A Berkelean Conversation
Postmodernist Kuhnian Page

Philosophy Blogs

The links below might help give you a sense of Lawrence University and Philosophy at Lawrence. I've included links to the Department of Philosophy, to certain campus sites, and to home pages of some members of the Department of Philosophy. This list is by no means exhaustive.

Philosophy Faculty

Description: John Dreher
John Dreher
Professor of Philosophy

Tom Ryckman
Professor of Philosophy

Description: Patrick Boleyn-Fitzgerald
Patrick Boleyn-Fitzgerald
Associate Professor of Philosophy

Description: Image
Mark Phelan
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
(Starting Autumn 2011)

Mark's current website:

Nathan Hanna
Uihlein Fellow of Ethics

Description: Main Hall Early Spring