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Introduction to Philosophy
Symbolic Logic
Berkeley, Hume, Kant, & Mill
Early Analytic Philosophy
Philosophy of Science
Philosophy of Art
Philosophy of Language
Philosophy of Mind
Topics in Logic
Puzzles and Paradoxes

Other Links

Ryckman's Logic Works
Philosophy of Language Links
A Berkelean Conversation
Postmodernist Kuhnian Page


Syllabi for courses I teach.

Introduction to Philosophy (100)
Symbolic Logic (150)
Berkeley, Hume, Kant, & Mill (PHIL 220)
Early Analytic Philosophy (PHIL 230)
Epistemology (300)
Metaphysics (310)
Philosophy of Science (330)
Philosophy of Art (340)
Philosophy of Language (400)
Philosophy of Mind (410)
Topics in Logic (420)
Studies: Puzzles and Paradoxes (600)

Regarding LU General Education Requirements:

  • Symbolic Logic and Topics in Logic are "designated as emphasizing mathematical reasoning or quantitative analysis."

  • Philosophy of Mind is "designated as speaking intensive."

  • Philosophy of Language is "designated as writing intensive."

I try to keep these syllabi equivalent in content to the official course syllabi, but only those distributed in class are official.

This is not an inclusive list of online syllabi of Philosophy courses offered at Lawrence. That list is on the Department of Philosophy website. There are links there to all of the Philosophy courses offered at  Lawrence.